GRE course approved by

the Saudi Cultural Mission!

Jan. 2017


Our course was approved for tuition scholarship by the Saudi Cultural Mission.


A great source for great

score! Dec. 6, 2016

Learning English 6 minutes is a BBC learning app that I highly recommend to my students to expand their ideas, practice listening British accents and expand their vocabulary.


Here is a good podcast on punctuation rules:

Partnership with International

Academic, Alahsa, Saudi

Arabia November, 2016

Online and Hybrid courses in IELTS are offered to students of the International Academic with 40% discount. IELT Solutions will help Saudi students pass IELTS from the comfort of their own house. The class starts in November and lasts 7 weeks. They will be able to study when they want and as much as they want. Then they will meet with a teacher live to ask questions and simulate exams.


The offer is open to all for a limited time. Email us for more information!


Interview butterflies!

October, 2016

Can I ask the examiner…?

Many students ask me if they are allowed to ask an examiner to speak louder or explain the question or even explain the meaning of a word.

Yes, yes and yes. You don’t get penalized for asking clarification and
explanation. These are strategies that even native speakers use to maintain a conversation.

So, say: “I am sorry I am not sure I’ve caught that. Could you please repeat?” I am sorry but I can’t remember the meaning of this word right now. Would you mind paraphrasing it for me?” This will make you sound natural and confidence.

SACM approved

July 2016

After a extensive and detailed process, IELTS Solutions programs have been recognized and approved by the Saudi Cultural Mission in USA. That gives the opportunity to all sponsored Saudi students to have the best IELTS preparation covered by their scholarship.